Kei Mouth, Double Mouth, Morgan Bay & Transkei

 32 40' 46" S - 28 22' 44" E


Before it becomes the Great Kei, the Swart-Kei River (Black Kei River) and the Wit-Kei River (White Kei River) join forces, northeast of Cathcart. It flows for 520 kms and ends at the Indian Ocean with the small town Kei Mouth on the west bank. The river serves as the southwestern border of the Transkei region.

The word 'Kei' means 'GREAT' in the language of the Strandlopers (Khoi and Gonaqua herders and hunter-gatherers who patrolled the area from Kei Mouth to Gonubie) nomadic tribes who lived in this area centuries ago.

This charming village on the southern bank of the Kei River is a delightful holiday destination. Wide clean beaches, fringed with wooded dunes lead inland to subtropical bush veld. Now visitors to this delightful hamlet can combine a wild coast seaside holiday with the tranquility of the bush veld.



Kei Mouth - towards the Transkei

 From the Sea towards Kei River Mouth (Transkei in the background)

Kei Mouth is blessed with several sandy beaches, warm hospitality, good fishing and plenty activities including, golf, surfing, beach volleyball, horse riding, hikes, bird watching, abseiling, rock climbing, whale and dolphin watching. And amazing sunsets.

Along the beach towards Kei River Mouth


Walking along to coast towards Morgan's Bay with "man's best friend" - and sometimes you will see Dolphins and Whales along the walk!


CLIMATE: Summer rainfall area. The good months are mid-January to March. December and Easter are the traditional holiday periods.

DIRECTIONS:  Kei Mouth is approximately 88kms from East London Airport. Take the N2 towards Mthatha, at approx. 44 kms you will see the Kei Mouth Turnoff to Kei Mouth (turning right).

 Kei Mouth Golf Club


The Kei Mouth Country Golf Course was officially established in 1933 and complimented with its own Clubhouse in 1988.

It maintains a membership of 500 managed by a strong Captain and skilled committee. The course is positioned alongside the Cape Morgan Nature Reserve consists of a 13 hole Links Course with separate Tee-boxes making it a comfortable 18 hole round of golf.

The course is always immaculately maintained and ready for competitions. The Club House houses showers, Squash Courts, Bar and Kitchen facilities. Competitions are on Wednesdays and Saturdays (starting at 11h30) to play one needs to add your name onto the list at the Club House. Mondays and Fridays they play Sun-Downers at around 14h30 tee-off. Everyone is welcome.

Kei Mouth Golf Course - view from Club House

 7th Green- Transkei in background

  Kei Mouth's "Pont"

Kei Mouth is also home to the 'Pont', one of South Africa's two remaining car-transporting pontoon river ferry services. The Pont carries vehicles, passengers and livestock across the Great Kei on a daily basis and the trip is an unforgettable experience.

Please take note that the 'Pont" usually opens at about 07h00 and closes at 17h00 - if you are late you will be stuck on the other side of the river.  Also note that it is weather permitting - heavy rains, flash flooding and heavy winds will close the operation.

 Crossing over to the Transkei on the Pont.


It is also possible to arrange with one of the locals to take you up the Kei River to places like Horse Shoe Bend and Cob Hole. Take a 2 hour trip to see the sights, or arrange to go fishing.  A special treat is to feed the Fish Eagles!!!

 The "Great Kei River"